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Samuel Verschelde, 11/23/2010 10:22 pm

Welcome to mageia-app-db's project home

What is mageia-app-db ?

We want to produce a website dedicated to mageia's applications and packages, and whose main goals would be :
  • allow to browse the package database, provide the main informations about packages, like any other distribution does (see http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages for example).
  • focus on interaction between users, testers and packagers
    • from users to packagers : backports requests, new soft requests (with a voting system), ...
    • from packagers to users/testers : testing requests, ie packagers asking users to test a certain package before pushing it to the official repositories, ...
  • customizable user notifications on your home page, RSS feed or e-mail (new backport available for you preferred soft, new update candidate available and awaiting testing...)

See the full record of user needs and potential functionalities here : NeedsAndFunctionalities

Contributing to the project

  • The team :Team
  • We welcome all types of contributions :
    • ideas
    • development (php / javascript /
    • testing
    • translations **

See the open tasks : maybe there are tasks where you can help ?


Source code

This is a PHP5 project using symfony:http://www.symfony-project.org 1.4 as a framework.

Source code is hosted by github. You can clone the repository with :

git clone https://github.com/agallou/mageia-app-db.git

Demo / Testing instance

You can find a nightly (UTC+1) updated instance with test data at

Of course it's only a work in progress. However, comments are welcome :)


  • You can often find us on irc.freenode.net, #mageia and #mageia-fr : Stormi (project lead) and ttp (main developer)
  • We use the mageia-webteam mailing list as a mailing list for the project (among the other web-related mageia projects : wiki, bug tracker, etc.). Some discussion may happen also on mageia-discuss or mageia-dev from time to time. https://www.mageia.org/mailman/
  • irc : we try to be available and meet on #madb on freenode
  • if you need to e-mail us directly, send a mail to stormi ((AT)) laposte ((DOT)) net